Lucky Patcher is an application in which users can change some features of other applications. With this program’s help, most Android games can be altered for optimal enjoyment. Thanks to it, we can modify various programs in various ways thanks to it as well. Lucky Patcher is a fantastic program that enables you to do many great things, including blocking adverts, deleting or changing system apps, getting around licensing verification, changing access permissions, and more. Lucky Patcher requires remote access, but you can still do many things on non-rooted devices.  

Lucky Patcher
App Name Lucky Patcher
Version Latest Version
App Size 10 MB
App Publisher
MOD Features Block ads and many Features
Android Requirement 4.4 + and up
Last update 1 day ago



Nevertheless, it would be best if you rooted your smartphone to utilize every feature of this cracking program. There are various methods for rooting an Android device. You can find information about rooting Android phones in the XDA-Developers Forum.

Lucky Patcher

What Exactly Lucky Patcher APK Is:

Overall, there are more than 2 billion Android users. Most Android users find restrictions annoying and frustrating. You may need to buy the pro edition of this software to continue, which is why the notice irritates you. I’m speaking of an application that can get around these limitations. Lucky Patcher APK Downlaod  is the name of the software.

You may avoid licensing verification, prevent advertisements, remove or modify system apps, alter app permissions, and much more with the aid of this program.

Features of Lucky Patcher APK:

Lucky Patcher is an excellent program that makes it possible for resource-obsessed gamers to enjoy any game. Most Android devices are supported by this app, which is routinely updated. This app has the following features:

Lucky Patchers

Removing Ads

You can use this programme to remove advertising while using or taking pleasure in your favourite game. The adverts could irritate you to the point that you quit using the app or playing the game altogether. The more annoying ads are the pop-up and header banner adverts.

By pressing a few buttons, you can delete such advertisements. The program frees you from the annoyance of ads. Download the fortunate patcher software to your Android device to escape the prison of ads.

Using Paid Apps

You’re interested in using various apps that cost money to download and install. Use numerous paid apps for free by downloading the fortunate patcher app to your Android device instead of spending that money. You will get access to the capabilities of applications that cost money. That will help you can save a tonne of money! With that money, purchase coffee, unwind with Lucky Patcher, and click buttons to unlock premium features.

Earning cash and gems

Thanks to this app, you will be able to gain infinite coins, cash, gems, characters, and weapons that you must purchase to utilize. You won’t need to spend money on obnoxious game developers because you can quickly get what you need with a few clicks!

Applications That Get Funded Without Billing:

The Google payment page will be avoided by users using the Download Lucky Patcher. Users will have the ability to get paid apps for nothing in this method. Our application developer also publishes a customized version of the Play Store app to avoid license verification for numerous Android apps and games.

LP Safe & Lightweight

The 6.5 MB size of the program means that it uses very little of your device’s memory and uses very few resources. The application supports multiple languages and is available for free download. Google classifies the Lucky Patcher app as spyware, but this is incorrect because it is a modified version containing the patchable source code for various apps. The app is secure and reliable.

Simple Transfer

You can save space and time by applying the application to make your essential programs into system apps. By copying the software to the system’s folders, any program can become a pre-installed application. Open up Android’s RAM by moving the memory-hungry apps to the SD card.

Changing Applications To System Apps

You want to make some of your favorite apps Like Pikashow into system apps. Don’t worry; Lucky Patcher will allow you to turn any third-party apps into system applications. You’ll get a copy of those applications in your system file.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher Main Features

  1. Ads on Android games and apps can be disabled or removed. It’s easy to disable advertising with Lucky Patcher.
  2. Eliminate in-app purchase verification through the app. For free, you can use paid apps and games by turning off in-app purchase verification.
  3. With Lucky Patcher APK, numerous games may be easily cracked.
  4. Get free coins and gems for a range of games. It could need root access. Some applications and games request dubious permissions. Any programs or games that have unwanted permissions can be quickly removed.

Requirements for Lucky Patcher APK:

Check if your device satisfies the system requirements before installing the apk file. If these conditions are satisfied, the app will only function at its peak level. The following criteria must be met to install Lucky Patcher. Since it is a modifying tool, rooting the Android device is necessary before installing it.

  • It works with Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or later-powered smartphones. Also, it works with Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • RAM of at least 2GB is needed for it to operate correctly.
  • For optimal performance, the software requires 10 GB of free internal storage.
  • This software additionally needs specific authorization from your Android phone.
  • They are as follows:
  •  The power to control other applications and change system settings.
  • Permission to access the memory card’s data.
  • Approval to change or remove the SD card’s data.
  • Authorization to roughly locate.

How to fix the Lucky Patcher installation problem “App Not Installed.”

We are fixing the App Not Installed problem because some users have complained about it.

Open the Play Store and check the settings menu for the Play Safe option.

Put an end to it.

Another word of caution will appear, but carry on with the process.

Try downloading the app’s apk files once again, and the problem is solved.


Can I root my device with Lucky Patcher APK?

Your Android smartphone needs to be rooted in order to modify apps with Lucky Patcher. Each Android device has a separate rooting process, which can damage your phone and cause you to lose your warranty.

Does Lucky Patcher APK need payment?

Lucky Patcher is also just 10 MB in size, and the remaining space is needed to account for all the updates to your apps. Also, it is free.

Does iOS support Lucky Patcher?

Any Android market will allow you to obtain the fortunate Patcher Apk. Also, the version is accessible on iOS and Windows devices.


A tonne of new games are coming into the market, but one issue that every gamer encounters is the requirement that you purchase items that some players may not want.

The users then set out to discover various strategies for utilizing all of those features and obtaining all those products without paying any money. Your search is now over since Lucky Patcher is here to help you with all your issues.

You can use this software to disable any obnoxious advertising on your screen. You will adore this game since it performs so many tasks at once.  Most of its features aren’t available on cellphones that aren’t rooted, therefore you need to do that if you want full access to this software.  Enjoy this app by downloading it.